Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miguel On Tactical Metrosexuals

Having reached the age where I need reading glasses to read this page as well as to see my front sights, I was very amused by Miguel's latest at the Gun Free Zone about the Tactical Metrosexual.
You have seen the type: Dressed in Under Armour Black T-Shirts one size too small so the biceps (with the duty tribal tattoo) and other muscle groups are tightly defined. Oakley wraparound ballistic sunglasses that they never remove unless they are going to bed (But I bet they keep during sex), cargo pants…er… excuse me “tactical” pants in black or khaki and scuffed tan boots that scream “I was there” referring to their time as supply clerks in Iraq. At the range they’ll be carrying every piece of gear they can attach with MOLLE and more guns than a Latin Kings meeting in South Central LA. Their ultimate wet dream is to make the cover of SWAT magazine but they will settle for an insert in Soldier of Fortune.
It was written in reference to this post on another blog. Make sure to read Miguel's full post.

I am solidly in Miguel's camp on this one. I will admit to wearing Woolrich Covert Khakis. I find they are more comfortable than jeans and I'll be damned if I'm going to wear "mom jeans". I'll leave those to the President.

UPDATE: I just saw this post on Tactical Fanboy. I think this is the appropriate camo for the well-dressed Tactical Metrosexual so they don't have to wear old fat white guy BDU Woodland.


  1. I wear Wrangler cargo pants that I get for less than $20 at WalMart. With my day job I need pockets for a flashlight and other important tools for my job. Aside from that, I don't get the whole tacticool look.

  2. x2 on the Wrangler's from Walmart and some from Roses...can't beat the price and are far more comfortable than jeans.

  3. @Tactical: I remember when Roses used to sell old surplus rifles in the late 90s and early 2000s. Too bad they don't sell firearms anymore.

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