Saturday, July 30, 2011

HR 2668 - Brian A. Terry Memorial Act

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), who as Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is holding hearings into Operation Fast and Furious, has just introduced a bill to honor one of its victims. The Brian A. Terry Memorial Act would designate the U.S. Border Patrol station in Bisbee, Arizona as the Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station.

The bill has 52 co-sponsors including some of the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee such as Elijah Cummings (D-MD) and Gerry Connolly (D-VA) whose goal in the hearings seems to be to promote gun control and protect the White House. I guess a guilty conscience will sometimes prompt even the most politically jaded to do the right thing every now and again.

The text of the bill is below:
H.R.2668 -- Brian A. Terry Memorial Act (Introduced in House - IH)

HR 2668 IH
1st Session
H. R. 2668

To designate the station of the United States Border Patrol located at 2136 South Naco Highway in Bisbee, Arizona, as the `Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station'.


July 27, 2011

Mr. ISSA (for himself, Mr. CUMMINGS, Mr. MICA, Mr. QUAYLE, Mr. SENSENBRENNER, Mr. FRANKS of Arizona, Mr. KING of Iowa, Mr. GALLEGLY, Mr. PENCE, Mr. CHAFFETZ, Mr. JORDAN, Mr. ROSS of Florida, Mr. MARINO, Mr. GRIFFIN of Arkansas, Mr. DANIEL E. LUNGREN of California, Mr. CHABOT, Mr. GOODLATTE, Mr. SMITH of Texas, Mr. CALVERT, Mr. LEWIS of California, Mr. MCKEON, Mr. DREIER, Mr. DENHAM, Mr. WALBERG, Mr. BURTON of Indiana, Mr. DESJARLAIS, Mr. GOHMERT, Mr. LABRADOR, Mr. MCHENRY, Mr. TURNER, Mr. WILSON of South Carolina, Mr. LUETKEMEYER, Mr. FORBES, Mr. REICHERT, Mr. PEARCE, Mrs. MCMORRIS RODGERS, Mr. CLAY, Mr. CONYERS, Mr. CONNOLLY of Virginia, Mr. REYES, Mr. PASTOR of Arizona, Mr. GRIJALVA, Mr. HINOJOSA, Mr. GENE GREEN of Texas, Mrs. NAPOLITANO, Mr. HONDA, Mr. BACA, Mr. TOWNS, Mr. CRENSHAW, Mr. KINGSTON, Mr. GARRETT, Mr. WESTMORELAND, and Mr. QUIGLEY) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure


To designate the station of the United States Border Patrol located at 2136 South Naco Highway in Bisbee, Arizona, as the `Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station'.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the `Brian A. Terry Memorial Act'.


The Congress finds the following:

(1) A native of Flat Rock, Michigan, Agent Brian A. Terry served his country proudly with the United States Marine Corps and continued his service as a police officer with the cities of Ecorse and Lincoln Park, Michigan, prior to joining the United States Border Patrol.
(2) Agent Terry was a member of the 699th Session of the Border Patrol Academy assigned to the Naco Border Patrol Station within the Tucson Sector.
(3) On December 14, 2010, Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry was conducting a Border Patrol Tactical unit (BORTAC) operation in the area of `Peck Wells'.
(4) At 11:15 p.m., near Rio Rico, Arizona, and about 15 miles north of Nogales, Arizona, Agent Terry and his team spotted a group of individuals approaching their position.
(5) Shortly thereafter, an encounter ensued and gunfire was exchanged that left Agent Terry mortally wounded.
(6) Agent Terry succumbed to his injuries on December 15, 2010.
(7) Agent Terry is survived by his mother, father, stepmother, stepfather, brother, and two sisters.


The station of the United States Border Patrol located at 2136 South Naco Highway in Bisbee, Arizona, shall be known and designated as the `Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station'.


Any reference in a law, map, regulation, document, paper, or other record of the United States to the station referred to in section 1 shall be deemed to be a reference to the `Brian A. Terry Border Patrol Station'.

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  1. An even better memorial act would be to permanently defund the ATF and any government licensure of firearms dealers, so the government can never again coerce them to sell to criminals (at threat of losing their licenses).