Thursday, March 15, 2012

Even In The ICU He Does More Than The Mainstream Media

David Codrea has this update on Mike Vanderboegh's condition after his surgery on Tuesday. The mainstream media (Sharyl Attkisson and William LaJeunesse excepted) should be ashamed that they are still being outrun by an old guy in an ICU hospital bed on Operation Fast and Furious.
I just got off the phone with him. He's sitting up now. He's also feeling the effects of the medications, but is lucid, engaged and interested in knowing what's going on. He passed on some Gunwalker-related info I can't go into (yet), but it shows even from his hospital bed in ICU he continues to shame the major media.

I started to recommend he take it easy, that the fight will still be here for him to return to when he recovers, and then stopped myself and acknowledged to him that fight is what invigorates and keeps ornery cusses like us going.

He was happy to hear about the well-wishes and prayers from many of you.

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