Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GunsAmerica Hasn't Broken The Ruger News Embargo...Yet

Jim Shepherd had this announcement today in the Outdoor Wire about a new firearm set to be announced by Ruger.
Ruger Will Announce New Firearm This Morning

Later this morning, Ruger will announce a new firearm to the marketplace. We've shot the new gun-extensively-and have a review prepared for wire readers. Due to the release timing of today's announcement, it does not appear in this morning's editions. We will have the product review and information in tomorrow's editions.
You may remember that GunsAmerica broke the news embargo on the release of the Ruger LCR-22 by announcing it earlier than allowed back in December. You also may remember that the head of GunsAmerica, Paul Helinski, objected to bloggers and other members of New Media being considered "media" at the SHOT Show and having access to Media Day.

I checked GunsAmerica earlier today and I guess they learned their lesson about breaking news embargoes.

If past history is any indication, Ruger's PR staff will announce the new firearm around 11am EDT on their website and by email.

Since Sturm, Ruger is a publicly traded company they have to abide by SEC Rule FD governing the release of material information. The announcement of a new firearm is something that could impact their stock price and advanced knowledge of it would give an unscrupulous investor an advantage. This is why they have rigorous non-disclosure agreements and news embargoes.

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