Saturday, March 24, 2012

When Editorials Read Like A MAIG Press Release

The Stamford Advocate ran an editorial yesterday that could have been a press release from Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Mayors. For all I know, it was.

The editorial entitled "More guns arrive and the bullets fly" seems to be in response to the news that firearms manufacturers lead by Connecticut's Sturm, Ruger were having record sales.
It is the incredibly permissive gun laws in this country that allow millions of new guns to be purchased in the United States each year. And it is the incredibly permissive gun laws in this country that abet the illegal flow of many of those guns into American cities that do not want them, that are trying to keep them out.
While they acknowledge the Second Amendment exists, they still cling to the collective-right interpretation despite the Supreme Court's rulings in D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago which affirmed that the Second Amendment protects an individual right.
In the years since that was passed, courts have made many precedent-setting decisions that have expanded gun rights. But how did "A well regulated militia" come to mean "everyone can build a private arsenal big enough to invade a mid-sized nation"?
They then move on to suggest that there should be restrictions on how many firearms a person should be allowed to own. Of course, they call it coming to "our senses" and "reasonable limits" which they never define. This, they say, would prevent criminals and street gangs from obtaining weapons with which to kill cops and kids or something like that.

They conclude their press release editorial by stating:
It is the legal gun trade that supplies the illegal gun trade. Until we place some sensible limits on the first, ones in keeping with the spirit of a "well regulated militia," we will never begin to get a handle on the second. And law-abiding citizens' best defense against bullets flying into their homes and into their bodies will continue to be sheer luck.
Of course this is a ludicrous claim and one for which the editorial board of the Stamford Advocate should be ashamed. However, in the rarefied and elite world of Stamford, shame is an antiquated concept suitable only for the little people.


  1. I'm sure Bloomy and his coterie of elitists are behind the surge in op-eds. All of them are beneath contempt.

  2. @SGB: I don't doubt it. His latest is to try and find unemployed lawyers willing to work for $20 per hour (good luck on that!) to look into Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws.

  3. The well regulated militia of the 2nd Amendment is the same militia which REQUIRED all adult male citizens between 18 and 45 to own a service weapon, ammo, etc. The modern equivalent would be to require all men and women 18-45 to own an M16 and normal capacity magazines (30 rounders) and ammo. See "The Militia Act of 1792" for details. Well regulated does not mean what Bloomy and his gun grabbing fellows think it does.

  4. If we have to buy contraception using government funds (which is not an enumerated right under the Constitution) then the gov ought to buy all members of the militia an M-4 and ammo. Same reasoning with Obamacare.
    Watch Bloomberg's head explode.....