Monday, March 12, 2012

If Only It Was This Easy!

AR manufacturer CMMG has an animated video showing how to assemble an AR lower. It is actually a pretty good video. That said, nothing is quite as easy as it looks. At least not for me!

I first saw the video on the ENDO Gun Blog. If you have put together your own AR-15, then you need the T-shirt to prove it! Actually, I'm wearing mine right now and its a very soft, comfortable shirt.* You can buy it here.

*For the FTC, I bought the shirt a few weeks ago and I paid full price. There, are you happy now?


  1. Chris and I put together our lowers, but we bought assembled uppers.

    Considering how messed up they were, I truly wish we'd built them ourselves. Would have been as annoying and stressful, but we'd have no one to blame but ourselves for any problems...and it probably would have cost a bit less.

  2. Damn, ENDO is out of supper tubby shirts.

  3. I would like to start building AR lower receivers but I don't know where to start regarding buying matching stripped upper and lower receiver. Does anyone know where I should look? Thanks.

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