Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Restaurant Carry In NC - Time For Action On HB 111

HB 111 which would allow concealed carry in restaurants and eating establishments that serve alcohol has passed the NC State House. However, it has languished in the State Senate. The General Assembly will reconvene in about 6 weeks and it is time to get the attention of both the Republican and Democratic leadership.

For those that have Twitter accounts, Sean Sorrentino has set up an easy way for you to send a message with a link to an account of a restaurant shooting. One of Sean's good friends was a victim of that shooting but lived.

I would follow up with your own State Senator - even if they are anti-rights - with a direct email or letter. You can find address information for all Senators here. Just go to the pull-down menu in the upper right corner and select your State Senator.

The Republican leadership is reportedly scared of the bill due to some spurious poll supposedly showing a majority against it. It is time to put the pressure on them and remind them they need to get right with those who helped give them that majority - gun owners.

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