Tuesday, November 27, 2012


That is the number of point-of-sale NICS checks that were performed on Friday and Saturday combined. The NSSF is reporting that the number of NICS checks on the day after Thanksgiving, "Black Friday", set the all-time one-day record of 154,873.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving also made the list of top ten highest days coming in at number six.

With regard to the numbers, NSSF points out:
That total was nearly 20 percent more than the previous high of 129,166 set on Black Friday last year. Since a federal background check is mandatory for every firearm sold at retail, background check activity serves as an indicator of retail gun sales.
They attribute the high sales to Obama's reelection, an increase in hunting license sales, and the fact that more and more Americans are taking responsibility for the safety of their families as well as themselves.

Since these numbers are strictly from point-of-sales, it will be interesting to see how the gun prohibitionists try to spin this.


  1. And NSSF is incorrect in that not "every firearm sold at retail" has a background check run. I've bought guns in Texas for the last 15 years without a background check because I have a concealed handgun license. And many other states have exemptions for people with CHLs. As I recall there are about 8 million CHL in the U.S.

    1. @Fiftycal: Good point and one I forgot when posting this. I should have said that the number of NICS checks represent the MINIMUM number of guns sold at retail on Friday and Saturday. The FBI recognizes my NC CHP in lieu of a NICS check.

  2. Another data point: I have never - EVER - wasted my time filling out a '73 to purchase only 1 item. I will always add another one or two.

    The check is 'the' check. The number of items purchased is not sent it...