Thursday, November 1, 2012

In Denial

The media and the gun prohibitionists try to argue that President Obama supports the Second Amendment and has, in fact, been fairly pro-gun over the past four years. You have an expectation that they would overlook his "under the radar" efforts and his statements regarding firearms over time. However, you don't expect to hear that line when you are in a store looking at guns.

Yesterday, I had some time to waste so I stopped into a pawn shop in Asheville (NC) to see what they might have in the way of interesting guns. Other than an overpriced Ruger Security Six .38 Special revolver in marginal condition, nothing else caught my eye. I asked the clerk about how often they take guns on pawn or in trade. He said it had been light recently due to the election - people are hanging on to their guns.

I made the comment that if Romney wins that would probably change. Another older clerk, presumably the manager, chimed in that it wouldn't make any difference. He went on to say that "despite what the NRA says, Obama has been the most pro-gun President in the last 18 years." He gave as his example Obama signing the credit card bill that had a rider that allowed for concealed carry in National Parks.

When I challenged him on Obama being pro-gun, he did acknowledge that the Obama Administration had implemented the reporting requirement for multiple sales of semi-auto rifles in the Southwest. I asked him about Fast and Furious but he blew it off. I left quickly after that as it wasn't worth my time arguing with a fool.

I can understand why the gun prohibitionists and media distorts facts regarding Obama's record on guns. I shake my head at Fudds who think their hunting rifles and shotguns are off-limits. However, I am just perplexed that someone who works in a place that deals in cold, hard reality could be so deeply into denial.

Maybe it is being in Asheville, maybe it is just willful ignorance. Either way, I know of many other places where I'd rather spend my money.


  1. John, It's going to get ugly in a couple of anti-2nd Amendment states in the very near future thanks to Sandy. Some will get the message. Some not.

    1. Agreed. I've read that NYC already has some looting going on.