Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dead Possums Only For Possum Drop

As I wrote a couple of months ago, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was suing the NC Wildlife Resources Commission over the granting of a permit to the organizer of Brasstown's Possum Drop. That event is held annually on New Year's Eve and involves the lowering - not dropping - of a caged opossum to the ground in a take-off of Times Square's dropping the ball.

It seems that PETA must have found the most gullible judge in North Carolina. Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison, Jr. ruled yesterday that the NCWRC cannot issue a permit to Clay Logan for the live trapping of a opossum. A dead opossum is OK with the judge but not a live one.
Logan had a sportsman’s license and could have killed the animal, which was in season at the time. But he didn’t meet standards for either a license or a permit to keep animals in captivity, PETA argued, and no statute permitted the WRC to allow ‘possum-caging on a special and temporary basis.

Morrison agreed. Killing the animal was lawful; confining it was not.

“WRC should therefore have instructed Logan to immediately release the opossum into the wild where the opossum had been captured, or kill it,” Morrison wrote in his order.
Judge Morrison went on to say:
“Hunters must afford wild animals the same right Patrick Henry yearned for,” Senior Administrative Law Judge Fred Morrison Jr. wrote in his order. “’Give me liberty, or give me death!’”
I'm sorry but Judge Morrison is an idiot. I suppose it would be considered harassment if I mailed Judge Morrison a road-kill possum or sent him a snide email. Given I don't want either Postal Inspectors or FBI Special Agents knocking on my door, it is a nice idea but one on which I'll pass.

The NCWRC has 30 days in which to decide to appeal this case to Wake County Superior Court. Frankly, I hope they do.


  1. I haven't read the order, but that won't stop me from commenting anyway. ;)

    Second-hand reports suggests the judge made the right legal call while maybe poking a stick in the eye of PETA. If the law doesn't allow caging a live animal for the event, it does allow killing it. The judge points this out. So PETA's political correctness could actually turn a live possum into a dead one. That's irony right there.

    If the possum is killed, I hope it is eaten. Then it won't go to complete waste.

    1. Nah, PETA doesn't care about that, in fact they kill most of the animals that come into their possession. Check out the website They care nothing about the lives of animals, just that humans don't interact with animals.

  2. It's pretty likely that Judge Morrison was simply ruling based upon North Carolina's laws and regulations and not his personal preferences. That's what judges are supposed to do — interpret the law, not make it. The real problem is with North Carolina's live animal licensing system.

    And that makes John Richardson the “idiot.”