Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If Society Disintegrates, I Want One Of These

Back during the Vietnam War, USAF Security Police, Marines and Navy SEALs often used shotguns with "duck bill" spreader choke devices. The device would cause the shot to spread out in a wide horizontal pattern. It was designed to be used with No. 4 shot. An example is shown below.

This duck bill spreader device had a couple of faults. First, the openings would catch in jungle vegetation. Second, they had a tendency to crack after extensive use.

Paradigm SRP has just released their own versions of the spreader choke that they call the Gator Shotgun Spreader. Unlike the Vietnam-era chokes, it can be used with both No. 4 and 00 buckshot. Moreover, they make one version that will screw into shotgun barrels that use screw-in chokes and another version that can used with the Saiga shotgun. Neither version needs to be welded on unlike the earlier Vietnam-era spreaders. Both versions are door-breaching capable and will spread shot six feet wide at 12 yards.

The screw-in version is priced at $179 while the Saiga version is $199. The screw-in version will work with a variety of shotguns and are threaded to fit specific choke systems from Remington, Winchester, Benelli, and Beretta. A portion of the Gator profits will go the National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum.

If society ever breaks down to the point where we might defend ourselves against roving hoards of mutant zombie bikers, I could see the utility in having one of these. That said, until then, I wouldn't want to have to defend its use in court of law, castle doctrine or no castle doctrine.

Videos are available of the device in action on Paradigm SRP's Facebook page.

H/T Soldier Systems


  1. I NEED an RAAC MKA-1919 Shotgun, modified to accept a SlideFire Solutions mechanized bump-fire stock, and one of these choke tubes with the right thread pattern to be used in the MKA-1919.

    "Occupy" this, punks ;-)!

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  3. I ordered one of these Gator Shotgun Spreaders from Paradigm SRP. Have waited over a month. Contacted company asking for tracking number and no reply along with no part recieved. Currently processing a Paypal claim.

    Looks like just another deadbeat company.

  4. Sorry to hear that, Anon--they sent mine pretty quickly.

  5. Well I finally recieved it.