Thursday, November 29, 2012

IL Gov. Quinn's Amendatory Veto Over-Ridden In State Senate

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto of a bill that would have allowed Illinois residents to purchase ammunition by mail order was over-ridden in the Illinois State Senate yesterday by a 49-4 vote. Quinn used the amendatory veto to rewrite the bill to ban semi-auto rifles, standard capacity magazines, and rifles in .50 caliber.

The original sponsor of the bill says that Quinn overstepped his authority:
Republican Sen. Dave Luechtefeld (LUK'-tuh-feld) of Okawville (OH-kuh-vil) says Quinn overstepped his authority. Luechtefeld's original bill merely allowed approved Illinois gun owners who buy ammunition through the mail to purchase it from Illinois companies as well as those out of state. 

The Peoria Journal-Star reports that Quinn is not giving up on his attempts to ban semi-automatic rifles with cosmetic features he doesn't like.
Spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the Democratic governor will continue seeking a statewide assault-weapons ban to enhance public safety. She would not elaborate on his strategy.
The measure now goes to the State House for action on the governor's veto. If they override it, Illinois residents will be able to purchase ammunition by mail-order from Illinois companies.

Kurt Hofmann, the St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner and a resident of southern Illinois, has more on it here.

UPDATE: Richard Pearson, Ex. Director of ISRA, included this info in his Thursday bulletin about overriding the veto.
On Wednesday, Nov. 28th, 2012, the Illinois Senate passed SB681 in its original form at a margin of 49 – 4. The bill, SB681, was a simple bill that allowed ammunition to be mail ordered from dealers or companies in Illinois and shipped to FOID card holders in Illinois. FOID card holders could already order ammunition from out of state sources.

The Governor illegally used his amendatory veto power and substituted language to turn SB681 into an all encompassing ‘assault’ weapons ban. The Illinois Senate reaffirmed the original language and intent of SB681.

Next week, SB681 will have to be voted on in the Illinois House of Representatives. Be sure to call your state representative and ask them to vote for the override of the Governor’s Veto of SB681. To reach your representative, please click here for the Illinois State Board of Elections website to learn who your legislators are!
 The Illinois House of Representatives goes back in session on Tuesday, Dec. 4th.


  1. " approved Illinois gun owners"

    Those 4 words bother me a lot.

  2. +1 on Robert... And they ARE out to get us... period, end of statement!

    1. @Robert & Old NFO: It means they have a FOID card. You have to have one in Illinois if you want to buy ammo. I was quite taken aback when I found out about it the first time esp. since I found some .30-06 CMP Garand ammo at a good price.

  3. It's all battlespace preparation. First they try to wear you down by doing the same stupid thing over and over and over again - they don't think of it as craziness but it's like sand in the gas-tank and ground-glass in the transmission, it's point is to grind the machinery to a halt.