Monday, December 3, 2012

About Those Arrests At The 2010 SHOT Show

You may remember going back in time, that the FBI arrested a number of defense and law enforcement industry executives and employees attending the 2010 SHOT Show as a result of a sting operation. Incldued in the arrested was a vice-president of Smith and Wesson. These individuals were charged with violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and had been accused of using bribes to influence purchases by the Gabon Presidential Guard.

Steve at The Firearm Blog has an excellent follow-up and summation of what has happened since the arrests in 2010. Without trying to stealing Steve's thunder, the cases fell apart. Steve ends by saying:
So in summery (sic), the BATFE and FBI made a high profile raid during SHOT Show to arrest a 21 gun industry people. Their case was hinged on the word of a thief, druggie and all round morally bankrupt individual. Bistrong got just 18 months while the accused spent two years fighting their case.
Bistrong refers to Richard Bistrong who was the FBI's principal informant.

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