Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Calm Down And Take A Valium"

Al Gore's Current TV featured Alan Gottlieb discussing yesterday's win in the 7th Circuit this evening. He was on The Young Turks with Cenk Uygur.

Uygur started ranting about Chicago being an "island in an ocean of guns", the gun show loophole (sic), and how Chicagoans can just go to a gun show in another state and buy a pistol. To which Alan Gottlieb responded, "Calm down and take a Valium". Alan then proceeded to explain how it was illegal for an out of state resident to purchase a handgun in another state and take possession of it there. As we know Federal law requires it to be shipped to an FFL in the home state of the purchaser.


  1. Do people watch Current TV? Really?

  2. "Let's apply Chicago's gun laws to an entire country for a couple years and see what happens..."

    You mean like Mexico?