Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Quinn's Amendatory Veto Overridden In Illinois House

The Illinois State House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Pat Quinn's amendatory veto of SB 681 by a vote of 78 yea to 28 nay. The breakdown of the vote by representative can be seen here.

Quinn used his amendatory veto power to graft on a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines, and .50BMG rifles to a bill that would allow Illinois dealers to sell ammunition by mail order.

The Illinois State Rifle Association issued this legislative alert on the override this afternoon:
SB681 Bill Has Been Over-ridden By The House of Representatives and the Governors Veto!

Today, the Illinois House of Representatives has voted to over ride SB681 and the Governors veto. By a vote of 78-28-0, the bill is now considered dead.

SB681 as previously reported had to do with restriction of shipping ammunition to Illlinois residents.

Thanks to the Illinois State Rifle Association membership and gun owners throughout the state, along with the many phone calls made to legislators, we were able to stop this bill from becoming law.
 As a point of clarification, Quinn's substitute language is dead and the original language of the bill restored meaning that Illinois dealers can now ship ammo to FOID card holders.


  1. it's about time the governor of illinois got slapped down, as well as the "chicago mafia".