Monday, December 17, 2012

And Gun Control Would Have Prevented This How?

Perhaps the gun prohibitionists would care to explain this and how any new gun control laws would have kept these guns off the street.

Truck driver Elliot Perez and his accomplice Michael Murphy were indicted in US District Court in Bridgeport, CT for stealing 111 firearms from Smith and Wesson.
According to the indictment against them, on November 8, Perez had a scheduled delivery of guns to pick-up at Smith & Wesson in Springfield. He was supposed to pick up five boxes of firearms to bring back, but ended up taking an additional three. Driving back down to Connecticut, he allegedly stopped at his Bridgeport home and met with Murphy before bringing the truck to his company’s warehouse in Stratford, where he unloaded only the five that he was supposed to deliver.

The indictment charges that on November 15, Perez and Murphy sold one of the stolen guns to another individual. Five days later, when questioned by ATF special agents, Perez allegedly lied and said that a “black male” at Smith & Wesson had instructed him on which boxes he was supposed to load onto the truck, adding that he had dropped off all of the cases of guns at the company warehouse.

At the time of the two men’s arrests days later, Stratford Police had only been able to recover 28 of the stolen guns.
Charges include conspiracy, possession of stolen firearms, trafficking, and making false statements to a law enforcement officer.

Perez was not an employee of Smith and Wesson. He worked for a trucking company contracted to handle transportation services for S&W.

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  1. Errr, as long as guns are widely in the marketplace, this sort of thing will happen. In theory, total civilian gun control would allow the authorizes to transport guns to and from the Only Ones like the do nuclear weapons and other officially dangerous stuff.