Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ever Wonder How Some Groups Got Invited To See Biden?

When you look over the list of hunting and outdoor groups that met with Vice-President Joe Biden last week, you have to ask yourself why one group and not another? Why was a group such as the Bull Moose Sportsman's Alliance Action Fund invited and not a group like the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation or the National Wild Turkey Federation? While the latter two groups are nationally known, I'd wager most have never even heard of the Bull Moose Sportsman's Alliance Action Fund.

I wonder if their invitation had anything to do with their co-founder and co-director Gaspar Perricone penning an op-ed that supported universal background checks, magazine restrictions, and an enhanced national database of the mentally ill.
Keeping firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals has always been the law. Enforcing that law more effectively must become our priority. We should start by making sure that all records of dangerous individuals are entered into a national database, and we should immediately end the background check loophole.
Perricone says that he opposes a reinstatement of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban "as written". However,  he goes on to say this.
But that does not mean we’re opposed to keeping dangerous weapons and high capacity magazines out of dangerous hands. We will defend the rights of sportsmen to own firearms for hunting, as well as our ability to protect our families in our homes. But we believe that we can protect our outdoor heritage and ensure our citizens’ safety at the same time.
Divide and conquer is at the key of Chicago-style politics and so it is with the assault on the Second Amendment. The Obama Administration obviously believes it can turn enough hunters against pro-rights groups by promising to leave their sporting guns alone. That is why a group you've never heard of gets invited to the White House to meet with Joe Biden.


  1. It's all a sham anyway... There was NO 'discussion' per se... Simply a parroting of the LWL agenda.

  2. The Founding Fathers would already be shooting.