Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sweet Baby James On Gun Control

Nicholas Ballasy of The Daily Caller caught up with singer-songwriter James Taylor after he performed at the inaugural ceremonies yesterday. One of the questions asked of Taylor was about gun control.
“I think the nation is very divided on gun control,” Taylor told TheDC, “but I think the majority of us feel strongly — even the majority of gun owners feel strongly — that we need to make some sacrifice[s] to our freedoms, if that’s the way to put it. We need to make some sacrifices to what we might want to have, in order to safeguard our children.”

“I think there’s a limit to how much — I think the founding fathers wanted us to be able to arm ourselves, but I don’t think that they would have agreed that we should have the capacity to do the damage that we do have. And we just can’t afford it.”

James Taylor may have seen fire and rain but I doubt he's actually seen the wrath of those of us who he thinks should make some sacrifices. As it is, given his own mental health past which includes being rejected by the Selective Service on psychological grounds, it is doubtful that he could truthfully answer "No" to question 11f on the Form 4473. I'd put him in the maybe yes, maybe no category.


  1. While the Selective Service is a board or commission, I doubt that rejection by them constitutes a determination that he is a danger to himself, or unable to manage his affairs.

    This is also a slippery slope....we must be vigilant that vague claims of psychological unfitness be amplified, denying citizens their human and civil rights.

    1. @Fidel: I only mentioned the Selective Service as an example. During that time period, the Selective Service boards were rather strict on giving young men 4F classifications for stuff like psych disorders.

      More importantly was the over 9 months he spent in a mental hospital as well as his documented history of drug abuse including heroin.

      I don't lecture JT on how to make music and I don't want to be lectured by him about my right to self-defense.

  2. He may have seen fire and rain, but I doubt he's seen our kind of fire, followed by a lead rain.

  3. In his mind JT may be goin' to Carolina....but in reality, he's not welcome with the attitude of "we the People" should sacrifice liberties. JT = FAIL.

  4. Not relevant to the discussion at all, but as soon as I started reading this article "Fire and Rain" came up on Pandora.