Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Gotta Agree With This

When I was working the Asheville Gun Show for Grass Roots North Carolina I had a few people refuse to sign our petitions because "they didn't want to be on a list". I've heard the same excuse from some for not getting a concealed carry permit. I find this lame so when I saw the tweet below, I readily agreed.


  1. Thanks, John. It's a realization I came to a little more than ten years ago and resulted in my "decloaking."


    1. I understand. It's part of the reason I use my real name on this blog. That and I wasn't creative enough to come up with a snappy nom de plume.

    2. I have a somewhat political/legal job, and when I started blogging years ago I came up with one just so google searches of my rantings wouldn't label me too toxic (recall, when I first hand delivered the national park carry petition to the white house my buddy there looked at me like I was from Mars and told me it was way to hot of a political issue, questioned whether I was dooming my career by being involved in something like that - and promised not t tell anyone where it came from for fear of my future job prospects, and suggested that public opinion would need to move a tremendous amount to even consider it, and even then it wouldn't happen till late in the 2nd term). Since I stopped blogging, I still use the num de plume to comment, but facebook has allowed me to just state what I think as who I am.

    3. With all the blog visits I get on a regular basis from the Department of Justice it is a given that I'm on some sort of list. Add in my Curios and Relics license and well....

  2. A friend used the same excuse for not joining the NRA years ago. I tried to explain but I don't think he got it...

  3. Yep. Back on 19 Dec, I said, "Go sign the [no new AWB] petition at Yeah, you'll probably get put on a list but you know what? You already are."

  4. If, at any time in the past 30+ years, you:

    1) Bought a gun from anyone who is licensed at any level, especially if it involved the "instant check" system in any way

    2) Bought ammunition from anyone who is licensed at any level

    3) Bought (or sold) gun parts or ammunition components that were listed on a bill of lading or shipment invoice

    4) Subscribed to any magazine or other periodical that involves firearms, ammunition or hunting

    5) Became a member of any local, county, state or national organization that has or has ever had any involvement, however slight or temporary, with firearms, ammunition, shooting, hunting or licensing or permitting issues pertaining to same

    6) Have ever acquired, however briefly, any sort of CCW or similar permit, or have taken a firearms safety class or even so much as attended a single session of a seminar or other meeting involving gun safety

    7) Have ever "signed in" at any shooting range, especially if you were required to show i.d. or if you paid by credit/debit card

    8) Have been seen by any law enforcement officer or security guard with a firearm, any sort of hunting license or gun permit, or even (in some cases) a single round of ammunition or fired ammo casing

    9) Have ever engaged in conversation or discourse, in any sort of public place, concerning guns, ammunition, gun rights or gun safety, etc.

    10) Have ever admitted, either verbally or in writing, to having ever owned or possessed (however briefly) or even fired a gun of any sort, especially (though not particularly) if the admission appears to be approving of such

    - you are certainly already "on a list", somewhere, under some set of circumstances.

    This is NOT paranoia; this IS reality. Someone is ALways watching or listening, and there are many, MANY "lists".

    Be of good cheer: In Numbers There Is Strength

    During that part of the French Revolution that is referred to as The Terror, the lists that were used to supply the guillotine were relatively quite short, compared with the overall population - that's what made it feasible. If the lists grow too long, then attacking those listed becomes an impracticality - there's no one left to do the attacking.