Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Good Letter To Send Now

Just because S. 649 was beaten back last month doesn't mean we can let up. If anything, we need to keep the pressure up to make sure such ill-conceived measures stay buried.

Krinkfreak on The AK Forum has been very good at providing pro-gun letters to members on that forum. The latest deals with the erroneous perception that "gun violence" (sic) is on the rise when in fact it has decreased. The letter notes that gun-related crimes are down, asks that lawmakers support the Second Amendment, and requests that they focus on mental health issues along with enforcement of existing laws. The letter is below and you can just cut and paste it. You can use the NRA-ILA's tool to send it which is found here.
Dear Elected Official,

Since the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown Connecticut, I have written numerous letters to you to express my concerns with this Administration’s efforts to demonize law-abiding gun-owners, and eliminate the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

A recent Gallup Poll revealed only “4% of Americans think guns and gun control are an important problem facing the country.” The top five concerns among Americans polled by Gallup are:

  • The Economy in General
  • Unemployment and Jobs
  • Dissatisfaction with Government
  • Federal Budget Deficit and Federal Debt
  • Healthcare
I read an interesting article the other day in the Los Angeles Times. It was reporting on the Bureau of Justice report that was released this week showing that gun violence has plummeted in America since the mid-90s. Since 1993, gun killings have dropped 39%, and non-fatal gun attacks are down 69%. All this happened while the population in this country increased by over 20%.

The interesting note in the article, though, was that a majority of Americans actually believe gun violence is on the rise in America. A Pew Research survey showed that only 10% of Americans recognize that gun-related crimes have gone down at all!

This proves what we have known all along: the mainstream “biased” media wants us to believe that gun-owning Americans are wreaking havoc in this country. They do not want us to exercise our Second Amendment rights to protect ourselves and our families, and they will go to great lengths to create an environment that allows the politicians in Washington to enact unconstitutional laws.

This is why I am counting on you, my elected official, to fight to protect the Second Amendment, stand up to the “biased” media, and ensure that our children and grandchildren will inherit the same freedoms we currently enjoy.

If President Obama’s Administration is serious about reducing gun violence in our society, then they will focus on mental health issues, enforcement of existing gun laws, and encourage our public schools to have armed and trained security guards to protect our children from any threat…including domestic and foreign terrorism.

In closing, if you cannot support me as a constituent of this state, then I cannot and will not support you in future elections.


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