Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Weekend Roundup

I haven't done a weekend tab clearing in a while so I thought it might be time to do one.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has been pushing its member physicians to ask about firearms in the home. Nancy R. has a post about her recent experience with this and her excellent response. This is one to pass on to all your gun owning friends with younger children who will encounter pediatricians and their questions about gun ownership.

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) may now be open to reviving the Manchin-Toomey background check bill if this article from is to be believed. While he has primarily refocused his efforts on economic and financial issues, it seems he hasn't totally given up on background checks.

The Army had been running a competition to select their next generation carbine. However, the Improved Carbine competition may be put on hold. Gen. Ray Odierno, Army Chief of Staff, has indicated that he is content with the improved M4 carbine.

Forbes ran an excellent article by Amy Showalter about just why the NRA succeeds in the gun control debate. It isn't for the reasons that Mayor Bloomberg, the mainstream media, and the gun prohibitionists push. No, it is because of the grassroots and the efforts that that the NRA puts into training its volunteers.

Congratulations to Kevin Baker at The Smallest Minority on his 10th anniversary blogging. I don't know what that is in human years but it is a lot!

Thirdpower points out the absurdity of the hysterics of the gun prohibitionists about "smart rifles". As he says, "Joe Gangbanger isn't going to be anywhere near one of these." It might be because they cost over $23,000.

Bob Owens has a good post on Cape Fear Arsenal which recently announced they were building a new plant in Robeson County, North Carolina. To be honest, I'd never heard of Cape Fear Arsenal or their ammo before this weekend.

The Brady Center is suing the town of Nelson, GA over the town's enactment of a law requiring each household have a firearm. As Dave Hardy notes, he has a hard time seeing any case or controversy as the law has no penalty for violation.

Cabbie tells authorities he has a terrorist in his cab. Adams County, Colorado deputies meet the cab and take said terrorist into custody. The terrorist? Daniele Perazzi of Perazzi Shotguns. He and his shotguns were released shortly after they figured the owner of one of the world's most expensive shotguns wasn't a terrorist.  Word is that he is considering legal action as well he should.

You know how Vice-President Joe Biden said rifles were too complicated for women's feeble little brains? Breda provides a graphic demonstration why the Vice-President is an idiot.

Speaking of the Obama Administration, CBS News' Bob Schieffer who has rarely criticized it, just unloaded on them in his Face the Nation commentary today. It was a bit shocking to hear someone in the mainstream media actually say what he did.

The final item comes from California where the best looking attorney general in America (according to BHO) has now certified that there are no patent restrictions encumbering microstamping. The net effect is that  it freezes the existing California handgun roster.


  1. "You know how Vice-President Joe Biden said rifles were too complicated for women's feeble little brains? Breda provides a graphic demonstration why the Vice-President is an idiot."

    One really does not need any justifications to prove that Vice President Biden is an idiot. Every time he opens his mouth, he proves it. It is a puzzlement to me that the Obama administration kept him as VP but did not install a zipper on his mouth.

    Oh, and about the sewing machine gear: my Mom had a bunch of that stuff, and she knew how to use them as well. Home Ec teacher, you know.

  2. Great post, much appreciated opinions as well! I knew a couple of lawyers in Surrey that tried to find clients to sue Biden but no one was biting. Shame. Thanks again.

    1. @Richard Wright: I normally delete spam comments. However, I found yours amusing. To think that a personal injury lawyer in Surrey, British Columbia was searching for clients to sue V-P Joe Biden is rather remarkable. Did Biden plagiarize some Canadian politician in a speech like he did Neil Kinnock years ago? Hmm.