Thursday, May 2, 2013

In Houston At The Convention Center!

I've made it to the George Brown Convention Center and have picked up my media credentials. So far I've seen a bunch of British reporters plus one from Bloomberg News. It'll be interesting to see what she reports!

I've haven't caught up with any of the other bloggers yet.

Parking seems to be adequate with a number of lots surrounding the Convention Center. With the exception of the Hilton's parking deck, parking prices are in the $10-12 for the day.

UPDATE: Those were the prices for parking before the meeting started. They rocketed up to $30 near the center with the prices falling the more you had to walk. I paid $15 on Friday, $10 on Saturday, and lucked into a City of Houston lot for only $5 on Sunday.

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  1. i'd be curious what the brit reporters end up filing for stories, there have been cracks lately in the wall of support for "gun control" and articles in some of the british press supporting self defense. perhaps our overseas cousins are getting tired of being robbed and mugged in the streets, and burgled in their houses, then being threatened with jail if they resist with force?