Thursday, May 16, 2013

Is This The New Colorado?

Let me get this straight. You are working as a park ranger in Trinidad Lake State Park - a law enforcement position - and you poach a trophy mule deer by jacklighting it after hours. Your penalty - a fine and a demotion but you still keep your job with Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
Rick Cables, director of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, told The Denver Post on Tuesday the punishment for the incident was adequate but acknowledged some employees who were unhappy the ranger wasn't fired.
I with those unhappy employees. The guy violated his oath and his position.

Mr. Cables goes on to say that Travis McKay was stripped of his law enforcement status and demoted to a park technician at another state park.
"We changed this individual's life with these actions," Cables said. "We feel the actions were appropriate."

While McKay made "a big mistake," the ranger who stopped and investigated poaching did "everything right," Cables said.
We changed this individual's life?

I knew Colorado was aspiring to be the new Chicago with its gun laws but I didn't think they'd be adopting the same attitude towards malfeasance by its employees as that of Chicago.

H/T Outdoor Pressroom

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  1. The new Colorado is pretty much the same old " only ones " entitlement attitude as far as i can see . And another at least there were real consequences in boulder .