Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cuomo Spokesman: "No Remington Jobs Are Leaving NY"

Rich Azzopardi, who some describe as "Ewok-like", has been the spokesman for Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) since 2012. Yesterday he went on Twitter to try and deflect from some of the attention the Remington expansion in Alabama is getting.

In the strictest sense of the word, New York may not be losing any jobs - for now. In the short-term, it will take some time before Huntsville is up and running. However, as the production lines begin to come online in Huntsville and the cost per unit of production starts to decrease compared to Ilion, just how long do you realistically think Remington Outdoor Company will wait before shifting production lines south?

The Ilion, New York plant will become for Remington what the East Alton, Illinois plant has become for Winchester: an aging albatross of a building with a highly unionized workforce in a state whose politics is dominated by the gun prohibitionists. While you may leave some production there because of specialty machines and craftsmen, the bulk of it is eventually going to shift to the newer plant.


  1. R&D is moving into the new plant from Ilion. Sorry 'bout that. So they didn't relocate the manufacturing jobs, just the HQ (to Madison, NC), the growth, and R&D. And are creating more jobs in Huntsville (2,000) than they have in Ilion (1,800). And they never said they were moving the jobs, that's Azzopardi's strawman.

    Still nothing in the Times. Heh. They must be waiting for instructions from Cuomo.

  2. Ding, ding, ding... We have a winner!! A business this size does not fold and run. This isn't a football franchise. As you have so correctly stated, the new plant has to up and running, and outfitted with the equipment to move forward. That equipment will be automated and modern, needing less people. California, where I sorrowfully reside now, is shedding businesses to Texas. They have the same arguments. It will take 1 to 10 years in some cases, but those jobs will be gone.

  3. Who would double down on a demonstrably BAD situation in the "NEW" NY??????? This is a well planned, organized exit. No R&D expansion in NY??? folks, thats writing on the wall, and wise management... Gotta make Cuomo think its ok, so he doesnt go any crazier than he already is.. NAZIS

  4. Not leaving 'for now'... would be more correct...