Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Is Coming

With Valentine's Day coming, there are a lot of suggestions about what to get your sweetie as a gift. The Rosenburg, Texas Police Department suggests giving the "gift of safety".

Picture on the Rosenburg PD's Facebook page.

Rosenburg is a small city located just outside of Houston and is considered part of the Houston metro area. Their police department made the suggestion to give a firearm as a gift on their Facebook page. So far it is has gotten over 2,000 like and 7,600 shares.

As you can imagine, it has generated a lot of comments. However, my favorite one was a response by the police department itself:  "encourage a constitutional right? Of course we fact we took an oath to protect it."

I think their comment says it all.

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  1. That it does, and I'm going to go LIKE that page right now!!!