Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Just Say No To Firearm Ignorance" - Billy Johnson

Billy Johnson is one of the newer commentators for NRA News and I think he is one of the best. In a commentary released last week, he examined how communities respond to the accidental death of children. On the one hand you have accidental drownings and on the other you have accidental deaths involving firearms. Which do you think is responsible for more deaths of children under the age of 15? If you answered drownings you would be correct. A child is 12 times more likely to drown than to die from an accident involving a firearm according to CDC statistics.

Billy noted in his small community in Michigan they had an accidental drowning last year. The community responded with programs for better education and more water safety measures. They didn't ban water sports, they didn't move to close the Great Lakes, and they didn't want to create Swim Free Zones. The community devoted time, money, and education to help handle the problem of water safety. They believe it is a community's responsibility to make sure all kids know how to swim.

The question Billy asks is why is the response to accidental gun deaths not the same as for drownings.

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