Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Chief Lanier's Memo To Metro Officers (Updated)

Thanks to the efforts of the National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, we have the memo that District of Columbia Police Chief Cathy Lanier had sent out to all officers of the Metropolitan Police Department regarding carrying a pistol, either open or concealed, within the District.

UPDATE: David Codrea, the National Gun Rights Examiner, has an updated "official teletype" message from Chief Cathy Lanier that provides further guidance to the officers of the Metropolitan Police Department regarding the lawful carry of firearms outside the home in DC. This message goes into much greater detail than the earlier one issued on Sunday. While the District has officially requested a stay of the decision by Judge Scullin, it has not yet been granted as of early this morning.

Reading through the teletype, it is important to note that it only applies to handguns. The carry of a long gun such as a rifle or shotgun outside the home is still prohibited.

Given the fluidity of the legal situation, I'd be very careful if I were carrying in DC as a non-resident or even as a resident. The motion for the stay could be granted at any time which would probably return things to what they were before the decision. Or to use the full Latin phrase, status quo ante bellum. And yes, it is a war for our rights.


  1. And they are having hissy fits up here... :-) But I'm STILL not going into the District...

  2. I still recommend waiting until the Supreme Court makes the Final Decision.

    Which, since DC fought Heller Tooth and Nail, yet they still didn't "Get It," will probably be the way this will end.

  3. Lanier doesn't seem to understand (yet) that stopping an individual for the open or concealed carrying of a firearm includes no element of either reasonable suspicion or probable cause. Even under "Terry" rules, the police can not record all that data she seems to want cops to take down "for further investigation".