Friday, July 18, 2014

Days Are Slow But Weeks Are Fast At The Beach

I think as Einstein developed the General Theory of Relativity he must have spent a week at the beach on vacation. That is because though the days are relaxed and time slows, the week itself is over before you know it. We leave tomorrow and it feels like we just got here.

That said, we had a wedding, a visit to the PTR Industries factory, and will take in a car show today for Mustang Week.

Moreover, out in the "real" world, someone shot down a Malaysian Air Boeing 777 and the Obama Administration has essentially banned the import of new Russian firearms through economic sanctions against Concern Kalashnikov. Conspiracy theorists should be having a field day with the timing of the sanctions and the shoot down of the Malaysian Air plane over Ukraine given the sanctions were only a day before the shoot down.

I'll have a full story about the visit to PTR Industries factory when I get home. I have a ton of pictures of the factory floor and the manufacturing process.