Saturday, July 12, 2014

Off To The Beach!

There will be lighter than normal blogging the next week. We are leaving for Myrtle Beach in a few minutes.

I should have some great pictures and an interesting story when I get back. Thanks to the help of Bob Owens at, I will have a tour of PTR Industries of Aynor, SC. They are one of the companies that fled the oppression in the state of Connecticut for a warmer clime and a very warm reception.

So, as SayUncle might say, talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Enjoy! :-) Looking forward to the AAR...

  2. Enjoy the beach, say hi to Myrtle for me.

  3. I will be there on the 26th as I am flying in from California.North Myrtle Beach. Meeting my family there.
    I miss the Dixie Stampede. No one tells you the Pacific Ocean in Los Angeles is cold as hell.

    1. Exactly! The water here is warm. We are in Long Bay Estates which adjoins MB State Park. Much less crowded here.