Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Few Quick Thoughts On The Election

We won more than we lost yesterday and for that I'm thankful.

The US Senate will return to Republican hands. As it stands now, they have a seven seat pickup with two more probable wins in Louisiana and Alaska. Virginia is still amazingly close with about a 12,000 vote margin as of dawn. I'd say the Supreme Court is protected so long as the Lindsey Grahams and John McCains don't go all wobbly on us.

I'm very happy to say that North Carolina went for Tillis. While he is an establishment Republican and wasn't the most exciting candidate, we did get a lot of good pro-gun reforms passed while he was Speaker of the NC House.

It looks like Gov. John Hickenlooper (D-CO) will pull through barely as will Gov. Dannel Malloy (C-CT). Both look to win within the margin of fraud. Given that Colorado has mail-in voting, I wouldn't be surprised to find a number of votes for Hickenlooper coming from those ineligible to vote such as aliens and felons.

Billionaires proved that you can buy elections in Washington State. The I-594 initiative won 59.7% of the vote. Looking at maps of the vote last night, it appeared to be Puget Sound versus the rest of the state (Spokane excepted). The best thing you can say about this win is that it was an initiative and not a constitutional amendment. As Miko Tempski explained to me, an initiative can't be altered by the Washington State legislature for two years and then all bets are off. So, for the next two years, don't loan or hand your firearm to anyone if you live in Washington State.

More later as work does call and I haven't had enough coffee.


  1. That whole I594 thing is just screwed up...

    1. I am sure 594 will be tied up with legal challenges for awhile.

      _Dirk Diggler