Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"The Second Amendment Was For When The British Were Coming"

If I were a book publisher, I'd be offering Emily Miller a book contract right now. That's because you know she has another one in the offing with the way she is being treated by the DC Police as she tries to get a DC carry permit.

The headline comes from what a DC police employee said to Ms. Miller regarding the Second Amendment. He said it really doesn't apply to the District because it "was for when the British were coming." You can't make this stuff up.

Katie Pavlich gives her take on Ms. Miller's travails here.



  1. Ye Gods and little fishes... She should just MOVE! But I know she's invested in the District, and frankly I'm glad she IS pursuing this!

  2. Back in my DC employment days, my coworker was stabbed in the chest bringing a pizza home. This happened just north of Dupont Circle, a good part of town. He spent weeks in the hospital. Thank the Lord this wasn't 'special danger' or it could have been bad.

    Why the entire DC Council and MPD police chief aren't standing in front of a judge facing contempt is beyond me. Rights delayed are rights denied; DC is trying to out stall Chicago.

  3. Step by step, we are making progress. I am glad Ms. Miller is bringing attention to this. The court case took a long time, but Gura and Co., are winning in the last few holdouts. They are fighting and delaying.

    Some people's jobs require them to work in places they do not want to. Other people visit places on business or vacation. The next time I visit DC, I hope that I have the civil right to defend myself there.

  4. And the First Amendment applied only to Thomas Paine.
    (intemperate words removed).

    1. Well put! I have been known to say a few intemperate words at times - esp. with all the political ads this fall.

  5. James is right. Council, mayor and police chief should face charges for contempt and denial of civil rights under color of law.
    I'd call the book "Emily Gets Her Permit" but I wouldn't schedule the release any time soon.

  6. Please stop propagating the lie that Washington DC is the only place that doesn't allow concealed carry. Come to NJ and apply for a permit. Unless you are a retired cop you have zero chance of success. It is effectively a no issue state except for a small protected class. To make matters worse, the law is written in such a way that the permit is actually a permit to possess. Without the permit all gun owners are at the mercy of the state and have the burden of proving that they lawfully possess the firearm within several narrow and sometimes vague exemptions from the general rule that all firearms are illegal.

  7. The headline comes from what a DC police employee said to Ms. Miller regarding the Second Amendment.

    And the DC employee is still wrong. The Declaration of Independence was for when the British were HERE.
    The Second Amendment is there to remind any other oppressive assholes that show up that they aren't as high and mighty as they think they are.