Sunday, November 2, 2014

An Unintended Allegory

An allegory is defined as a symbolical narrative. I saw the ad below this morning and was struck by how accurately it portrays the response of the left to anything they don't want to hear. The kid who states the obvious to the tour guide must be shut up.

While the ad people at Mars, Inc. probably didn't intend for this left-right Twix ad to be seen as anything other than an ad for their candy, it is the perfect allegory for how the left reacts. What they don't want to hear, they call "hate speech" or "offensive speech" which must be regulated or drowned out.

We in the gun rights community have seen this on a regular basis. A pro-gun ad is banned at the Super Bowl. Meanwhile, Comcast and Google have banned ads for firearms and ammunition. The FDIC and Department of Justice's attempt to equate gun and ammo retailers with porn as seen in Operation Choke Point in nothing more than an extension of the left's moves against speech.

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