Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Will Gecko Lures Be Banned At Geico Bassmaster Classic?

I read a press release this morning on The Outdoor Wire that said GEICO Insurance was going to be the title sponsor of the Bassmaster Classic.

Bass anglers use a number of interesting lures including soft plastic lizards and geckos.

That raises the question - given that the gecko is the advertising symbol of GEICO Insurance, will it be a banned lure at the GEICO Bassmaster Classic? After all, they have banned other lures in the past.


  1. I caught bass a-plenty with the watermelon gecko!

  2. The Gecko needs to be holding an AR - screw GEICO.

  3. Nothing to do with random lizard fish snacks, but wanted to congratulate and thank the voters of NC for showing Hagan the door...once the waves of lawyers are done picking over the bones of the results that is.

    1. Given the amount of liberal money pouring into the campaign, it turned out much better than expected. I can't say what it was like for the rest of the state but here in WNC you had 2-3 Hagan or anti-Tillis ads for every pro-Tillis ad.

      I'd say billionaire Tom Steyer's money to anti-fracking and environmental groups cost us 2 Republican state reps. While the Dems won't admit it, so-called dark money goes both ways.