Wednesday, November 26, 2014

I Think They Confuse Myth With Fact And Fact With Myth

Shannon Watts and her crowd at Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors are fanatics and not in a good way. They want to take a joyous family gathering and impose their specious ideology on the occasion.

They readily confuse fact with myth and myth with fact.

Greg Hickok - Hickok45 on YouTube - has some excellent suggestions on talking about guns over Thanksgiving. From a post of his on Facebook:
I agree with Emperor-Wannabe Bloomberg; we SHOULD talk about guns at Thanksgiving dinner. Some suggestions:

1. Ask your relatives if anybody has recently purchased any cool new firearms and if they brought them to share.
2. Suggest that your relatives who are afraid of firearms that they might want to consider some basic firearms training in order to overcome their irrational fears of inanimate objects.
3. Double check that your firearms-owning relatives are observing proper gun safety and seem to be taking it as seriously as they should. Maybe pass around one of your own unloaded firearms and observe how your folks treat it: muzzle discipline, chamber checking, etc.
4. Remind your relatives to read John Lott so that they are much less likely to fall for the myths about firearms that the "Control Freaks" continue to spread in the attempt to give their bogus little emotional narratives validity.
5. Be certain to share with relatives all the fun and enjoyment you've had with firearms since you saw them last.
6. Maybe ask the youngsters about how much anti-gun drivel they are hearing from the clueless adults in their schools. Maybe give them some advice about how to handle it without jeopardizing their grades or being kicked out of school.
7. Lastly, just smile really big when the talk turns to the wonderful hobby of firearms!

You can also share with them my Black Friday compilation of gun, tactical, and hunting sales.

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  1. Those Demanding Mommies (all 12 of them) sure are vicious to strawmen, aren't they?

    Isn't that RACISM!!!!?