Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Passing Is Noted

Frank W. James, retired farmer, blogger, and gun writer extraordinare, passed away on Tuesday evening. He was 69.

I only got the chance to meet Frank once. It was at an impromptu meeting of gun bloggers before the 2012 NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis arranged by Jay G. I thought here was this legend sitting down to have a drink with us mere mortals. I honestly don't remember what, if anything, we said to one another.

I'll let those who know him much better take it from here.

Michael Bane has a remembrance here. Frank served as one of his experts on Gun Stories.

Tam, who knew him much better than me, has this to say.

Unfortunately, his earlier blog, Corn, Beans, Spent Brass, An Empty Page - And  A Deadline, is gone and the Wayback Machine archive doesn't have it. I guess memories will just have to do.

UPDATE: Tom Gresham has posted an interview he did with Frank from 2010 as a remembrance of Frank.


  1. There's this one, though:

    1. I did include that link when I referred to Franks as a "blogger". Thanks for putting it up where more people can see it.

  2. Met him at Pittsburgh NRAAM, great guy, one of the last of the Old Breed. God's Blessings on his Family.

  3. Frank was the salt of the earth. He will be missed.