Saturday, September 5, 2015

We Aren't The Suppliers; Thieves Are The Suppliers

Willie Dixie, Jr. is the Special Agent in Charge of the BATFE's Charlotte Field Division. He was interviewed earlier this week by WCNC - NBC Charlotte regarding gun thefts in North and South Carolina.
"We are the supplier of those firearms that end up in the northern cities," Wayne Dixie, Jr. said.

Last year there were 256 guns stolen in South Carolina that ended up in just New York. Another 279 from North Carolina ended up there. And those numbers have been pretty steady over the last five years.

It's not just stolen guns from here that make their way up North, others are bought here legally and make the same trek.

"North and South Carolina are source states…a lot of times people from the North will come down here and purchase firearms here because of lax gun laws."
Sorry SAC Dixie, "we" aren't the suppliers. Thieves and criminal organizations are the suppliers. When examining the BATFE's own gun trace data for New York for 2014, North and South Carolina are not even the top source states. That honor goes to New York itself with five times as many traced guns as either North or South Carolina.

Also, what the hell do you mean by "lax gun laws"? Do you mean that because North Carolina has a greater appreciation for the Constitution (to which you took an oath) that we are "lax"?

Straw purchases are illegal whether done in downtown Charlotte or downtown Manhattan. Moreover, even private sales of handguns in North Carolina require either a pistol purchase permit or a concealed handgun permit to be legal. That pistol purchase permit system, by the way, was instituted by Democrats to keep African-Americans like yourself disarmed.

Your office conveniently proclaims when they have been involved in a conviction of any sort. Despite your so-called surge of FFL inspections started in 2014, I see only one reported set of convictions for either firearms theft or trafficking in the last two years. Indeed, more people were convicted of smuggling cigarettes than firearms if your releases are any indication.

No dealer ever wants to see firearms from his or her store used in a crime. Furthermore, none of them want to see firearms stolen from their store. Gun stores go to great lengths to protect their inventory and, unless I am mistaken, this is part of your inspection process.

You can see SAC Dixie's statements below in his interview with Michelee Boudin of WCNC.


  1. I had to double check. It's Wayne Dixie. I misread it as Willie Dixon, like the bass player.

  2. Amazing... And no, not even close to the 'real' cause... sigh

  3. Amazing... And no, not even close to the 'real' cause... sigh

  4. BATFE obviously has amnesia as THEY are the source for the guns that killed border Patrol Officer Bryan Terry. It amazes me how hypocritical they are. they got fed agents killed in their own failed gun running op yet still try to take the moral high ground.