Saturday, September 12, 2015

Shannon Watts Lies About New NRA Video

I know you are shocked to hear that Shannon Watts lied on Twitter about a new NRA video that features Dana Loesch. Now it is no secret that no love is lost between these two. Dana has called out Shannon many a time for her lies and her use of no-neck armed guards hired by Michael Bloomberg.

Here are the tweets in question:

If you watch the video below, you never hear a thing about Christianity nor do you hear any encouragement of shooting a thug in the face. What Dana said is that the media buries stories of defensive gun uses by mothers. As to the "Leather Tuscadero" Happy Days reference, that is just Shannon Watts' cattiness about Dana's leather jacket and the effectiveness of this video.

The best response on Twitter was by someone named Tom Sawyer who just nailed it!


  1. Shannon Watts may be ignorant about guns, but she can't be this ignorant: if the thug is shot in the face, how can he run away?

    Well done, Dana Loesch.

  2. The Christianity slur is prompted by the neck chain, and the slur about "shooting in the face" is prompted by conflating or confusing "pointing" and "shooting". It isn't just reading comprehension, anti-liberty people don't listen that well, either. As for Leather Tuscadero, that's an admission against interest; by that snark Shannon Watts admits she doesn't look that good in a black leather jacket. The other "Tell" is the placing of "thug" in quotation marks. Ms Watts admits she does not believe that those who threaten death, mayhem and pain to rob others are thugs. A real piece of work, this Watts woman.

  3. Can't let facts get in their way... sigh

  4. Can't let facts get in their way... sigh

  5. NRA has gotten smarter and better messaging these last few years.

    More, please.

  6. Shannon Watts really has her finger on the pulse of American popular culture by name dropping a supporting character on a sitcom that went off the air thirty-one years ago.