Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This Is What Conservatives Should Do To Reach Millennials

Millennials have been a hard group to reach for conservative and (some) libertarian organizations. It is why the NRA started their younger commentator series featuring Colion Noir, Natalie Foster, Dom Raso, etc.

I just came across a series from the Independent Institute called "Love Gov". It features Alexis, a fun loving, independent young woman, and Scott "Gov" Govinski, her creepy, intrusive boyfriend. It is an allegory using the boyfriend as a stand-in for our current government. In Episode 5 below, Alexis has broken up with Gov and now he is intruding upon her privacy.

Kudos to whomever at the Independent Institute came up with this. I found it a very effective way to reach 20-somethings. Now if we could just get them to look up from their smart phones and see what else is happening in the world.

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