Monday, March 19, 2018

AR-15 Podcast "Loose Rounds"

I was a guest on the AR-15 Podcast's Loose Rounds 004 episode. Reed, Mike, and I discussed the events in Parkland, Florida and the aftermath. We discussed some of the common arguments being put forth such as regulating "weapons of war", raising the age to buy a firearm to 21, and "rate increasing devices".  Reed is a practicing attorney in Texas so he added a good deal of the legal perspective to our conversation.

I had a great time discussing the issues with Reed and Mike. I'm sorry J.D. couldn't join us.

You can listen to the episode here or download it on iTunes

If you like AR-15 rifles, carbines, and pistols, you should put this podcast on your list of "must listen" podcasts. In addition to the Loose Rounds episodes, they have interviews with those in the industry as well as great advice on how to build or modify your own AR. Thanks to them I discovered Aero Precision which I have used for a couple of builds so far.

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