Thursday, March 1, 2018

Remember The Guy Who Claimed Firing An AR Caused PTSD?

You may remember the story from 2016 about journalist Gersh Kuntzman who claimed firing an AR-15 caused him to have "a temporary case of PTSD". He was with the New York Daily News at the time. It seems he had moved on in the intervening years to Newsweek where he served as an editor.

I say served as in past tense.

He was fired along with Newsweek's national editor this past Friday.

From the New York Post:
Gersh Kuntzman — a veteran editor who had grilled the magazine’s owners at a town hall meeting about the Manhattan district attorney’s raid of Newsweek’s offices last month, reportedly over alleged ad fraud, IRS tax liens and ties to a California-based church — was fired Friday...

“Here’s a thought,” Kuntzman tweeted four days after his axing. “Next time you fire an award-winning editor who built a career over 30 years, who clocks in an hour before you and clocks out an hour after you, and has two kids who need to eat, how about looking him in the eye when you do it rather than sacking him by phone?”
Perhaps The Trace is looking for another editor. I'm sure he'd fit right in.