Monday, March 5, 2018

From Florida Carry - Oppose SB 7026

SB 7026, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act, is up for a third reading by the Florida State Senate. The bill had 151 proposed amendments most of which were either withdrawn or defeated. However, those that were adopted took a bill that was meant to protect students into one with enough nonsensical gun control crap to make it a bill that needs to be defeated.

Miguel at gives his take on it here.

This alert from Florida Carry outlines the good and the bad. It also includes a call to action on the part of Florida gun owners.

Florida Senate to under 21 voters - "You're not adult enough to have a gun"

Florida Carry
We strongly urge members and supporters to IMMEDIATELY send an email to ALL SENATORS listed below!

This bill is a classic example of a fundamentally good bill destroyed by countless amendments.

  • Establishes voluntary armed teacher program
  • Establishes mental health care program for schools to recognize symptoms
  • Creates a government commission and a new state-level department to deal with school safety
But it also imposes unconstitutional restrictions on Florida citizens.
  • Prohibits purchase of ANY firearm by anyone under 21 years of age.
  • Imposes a 3-day waiting period on the purchase of ANY firearm with some exceptions.
  • Makes possession
    , sale, etc. of bump-stocks illegal - NO LEGAL DISPOSITION OPTION! OWN ONE - INSTANT FELON!
  • Facilitates confiscation of firearms without due process in Baker Act cases.
Florida Carry vehemently opposes any and all "compromises" which REMOVE rights from law-abiding citizens.



Copy/paste the email addresses below into your email client. 

Please ensure you include the following subject line

"Oppose SB 7026 - Public Safety"

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