Friday, March 2, 2018


In response to the conflicting and confusing messages regarding gun control coming from the White House and @realdonaldtrump's Twitter account, Grass Roots North Carolina issued an alert yesterday asking for members and supporters to call the White House, email the White House, and email their Senators and Representatives. They want the message delivered loud and clear that no new gun control is acceptable.

From GRNC:


See below, under 'Immediate Action,' to sign the petition against gun control.

“Dance with the One That Brought You”  is always good advice – especially in politics.

The nation’s Left (and now it appears President Trump) is hoping to use the emotion of the moment to to chip away at our rights with the false promise that it will solve the problem.  They will then walk back the promises as being “A good first step”.   After which they will patiently await for the next mass killer to show up and do it all again.

The proposed ‘Bump Stock’ ban has nothing to do with the mass murder in Parkland, Florida but is being pushed under the guise of“Doing Something, anything”.  It could change the meaning of a machine gun from trigger pull to firing rate and be applied to anything that could increase this rate and used to cover every semi-automatic firearm under the odious rules of the National Firearms Act [NFA].

Support for President Trump came from many of the 2nd amendment community because he pledged to protect these civil rights.  Now is the time to remind him (even if you have done so already) of this commitment, and that the gun grabber Left is only cuddling up to him in order to score some wins against the cause of Liberty.

It is critical that we remind President Trump that pro-gun voters like you elected him to stand firmly in support of the Second Amendment!


    • SIGN OUR PETITION: Please visit our website at to sign our petition to President Trump to stand firmly with the Second Amendment, and to oppose the latest round of corporate-funded gun-grabbing hysteria.

    • PHONE AND EMAIL THE WHITE HOUSE: Let's light up the White House switchboards. The phone number is 202-456-1111. 
      Deliver the following message:
      Hello. I am calling to tell President Trump that, as a law-abiding gun owner, I oppose any of the gun control efforts currently being discussed. This includes banning bump stocks or any other devices to modify rate of fire, raising the minimum age of any firearms purchases, expansion of any "gun free zones" that continually put our citizens at risk, or so-called universal background checks. Thank you for your time.
    • EMAIL THE WHITE HOUSE AND NC REPUBLICANS IN CONGRESS: Remind the President, NC's U.S. Senators and your U.S. Representative that we supported them during election season, and we insist that they protect our Second Amendment rights.   Use the links provided below to access their contact pages. Use the copy/paste text provided under 'Deliver This EMAIL Message' (adjust the opening salutation as necessary).

    • DONATE TO GRNC: Unlike the billionaires that create astroturf gun control lobbies, Grass Roots North Carolina is run by volunteers and funded by people like you; regular, law-abiding Americans that value their rights and freedoms. Please consider making a donation to GRNC by visiting this link: 

President Trump (the White House):

Your U.S. SenatorsSenator Burr:
Senator Tillis:

NC's Republican U.S. *Representatives

RepresentativeContact Page
George Holding (2nd)
Walter Jones (3rd)
Virginia Foxx (5th)
Mark Walker (6th)
David Rouzer (7th)
Richard Hudson (8th)
Robert Pittenger (9th)
Patrick McHenry (10th)
Mark Meadows (11th)
Ted Budd (13th)
* Due to zip code limitations, it's likely  you will only be able to contact your own rep. If you don't know who your rep. is, click here, use the zip code search positioned at the top right corner corner of the page. 


Dear [Mr. President / Senator Representative]:

I am a law-abiding citizen, and I am contacting you to voice my strong opposition to any of the gun control schemes currently being discussed. This includes banning bump stocks or any other devices to modify rate of fire, raising the minimum age of any firearms purchases, expansion of any "gun free zones" that continually put our citizens at risk, and so-called universal background checks.

Rather than pushing for infringements on the civil rights of the peaceful law-abiding citizen in order to  quiet a very loud, but small group of anti-gun extremists, you ought to be examining true solutions, such as eliminating gun-free zones, areas that are soft targets, sitting ready for the criminally insane to exploit.
I demand that you end this talk about gun control.  I will be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.


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