Friday, March 23, 2018

Jim Scoutten's Editorial On Social Media

Jim Scoutten is the host and producer of Shooting USA. He's been doing this for 25 years and his shows have been on everything from ESPN to the Outdoor Channel. Each time he has moved it has been because of pressure from anti-gun executives.
The major broadcast and cable channels have prohibited any form of firearm advertising for years. 25 years ago we struggled with ESPN in the first year of our gun show series when Colt was a sponsor, but couldn’t advertise their guns. Since then we’ve moved three times to new networks as each was taken over by anti-gun New York City-based owners. We’re pleased to make our television home now on the pro-second amendment Outdoor Channel.
 He has a very interesting editorial up at the Outdoor Wire and the Shooting Wire today which is where the above quote comes from. It is entitled "The Incredible Shrinking World of Social Media". In it, he describes how the algorithms of YouTube and Facebook limit who sees videos. Moreover, age restrictions are often put on conservative videos to prevent them from influencing young minds. Another factor Jim describes is how poor internet service in rural areas limits the access of those who would be most interested in watching streaming video.

I would urge you to read the whole thing.


  1. Thanks for that. Good perspective as I'm trying to figure out what to do about YouTube and Blogger. I have one video on YouTube that's a few minutes of cutting out the fire control pocket on an 80% lower. I suspect they'll find it and delete it.

    My inclination is to abandon YouTube for another service, but most of my videos aren't in their forbidden list. I'm not so sure about moving 8 years of blogging to Wordpress.

  2. Excellent editorial! Thanks for the link!

  3. All of the Leftist news/information outlets have to limit or exclude conservative content. Their views will not stand up to open and proper debate, in short, their positions are not defensible. By not allowing conservative views, theirs may have a chance of surviving. Let no other thoughts be permitted, then the Dems/Progs may continue to attempt their indoctrination.