Sunday, December 9, 2018

Arts & Crafts On A Snowy Day

The Complementary Spouse is spending this snowy day crafting. It got me to thinking I ought to do some arts and crafts as well. I think I'll finish the lower for my 6.8 SPC II build. I've had the upper for a few years but haven't gotten around to building a dedicated lower for it. No time like the present!


  1. I was doing some tactical exercises at a remote range with some friends. Basic walk and shoot stuff for fun. Figured out that my AR sling was letting my rifle drop at a weird angle when I switched to pistol, making it hard to recover so I decided to do some arts and crafts. Bought a side sling attachment (I think Magpul), put it on, then discovered that the stock rear sling attachment just moved around if you shoved on it hard enough.

    Not nearly as fun as building a lower for a new rifle.

  2. That works, but now you need to go to the range and sight it in... LOL