Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bumpstock Ban, Part II

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in response to the announcement by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker that the final rule banning bump fire stocks has more detail as well as "instructions" for owners of these firearms accessories. You have to wonder if the release of this final rule was delayed until after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired and a more compliant acting AG was in place.

First, the final 157 page rule can be found here. It will officially become final when it is published in the Federal Register. The rule goes into effect 90 days from when it is published in the Federal Register.

Second, the BATFE has published instructions on how to destroy your bump fire stock. They also have links to diagrams for a number of named bump fire stocks which are below.
Third, the other opinion is turn in your bump fire stock at your local BATFE office. They "advise" to call ahead. Also, while they don't mention it, make sure you have your dog in a safe, undisclosed location.

Fourth, and this is not mentioned by BATFE, you can support the lawsuits that have or will be filed seeking to have this overturned. I will cover some of them in the next post.

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  1. This could be the beginning of the end of the Trump Train. Remember, Rick Scott, a former "staunch supporter" of the Second Amendment, signed a bad bill in Florida. In my opinion, that caused enough pro-gun Floridians to stay home that he did not have a clear victory on election day. (http://www.goodhillpress.com/2018/11/did-rick-scott-shoot-himself-in-foot.html).

    Likewise, President Trump has made this bump stock ban unilaterally, setting a precedent for other bureaucratic (ATF) legislation. I think many who supported him in 2016 will stay home in 2020, possibly giving the White House and Senate to the Democrats.

    People may be asking, "After all, what difference does it make?"

    I'll admit I was slow getting onto the Trump Train, but once it was him or her, I saw only one choice. Think Supreme Court.

    Time will tell.......