Friday, December 7, 2018

What Caliber For Yeti?

If the weather models are correct and the hyperbole from local TV and the Weather Channel is not hyperbole, Western North Carolina is about to be hit with a snow storm that will rival the Blizzard of '93. Hospitals are implementing emergency management plans, bread is getting hard to find even as far east as Charlotte, and people have started testing their generators.

This all leads to the obvious question:  what caliber for yeti?

Can you get by with 5.56 in your AR or will you need to up your game? Does it require a purpose-built caliber like .358 Yeti from Mad Dog Weapon Systems or is that overkill?

If you have suggestions, please post them.


  1. Well we're always told that shot placement is the key so I bet you could get by with 5.56. Just make sure you lube is low temperature appropriate. :p

    - BAP45

  2. .30-06; 220 gran solids will take down anything.