Wednesday, December 5, 2018

These 62 Had The Courage Of Their Convictions

Do you have the courage of your convictions with regard to the Second Amendment? Would you go to the mattresses to use a term from The Godfather?  Would you put your job at risk or would you just quietly suck it up?

62 former employees of Dick's Sporting Goods and their Field and Stream subsidiary did have the courage of their convictions. After Dick's CEO Ed Stack not only changed the company's policy on selling modern sporting rifles and raised the purchase age to 21 for all firearms but fully bought into the gun control agenda, these 62 resigned their jobs.

From the Pittsburgh Business Times:
According to CEO Ed Stack, 62 employees quit working for Dick's Sporting Goods over the retailer's decision to stop selling assault-style weapons, announced in February....

"We anticipated that there would be some people that would leave. We've got 40,0000 employees, and 2,500, or 2,6000 (sic) people working at our corporate headquarters," said Stack, of the Findlay-based company. "We're a cross-section of the country. We knew people would be upset."
His comments came in a Wall Street Journal CEO Council interview. An excerpt of that interview is below.

Stack says it is OK to have differing views and he is correct. However, it is one thing to have differing views on whether the Steelers or the Eagles are the better team and a whole another thing to have differing views on working to suppress a right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

What Stack did not say was who they were and what jobs they held. Some, like the clerk he mentioned, probably held low level jobs. Other I'm guessing held higher positions. While I don't have any confirmation of it, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Jack Barnes who is the new VP for Commercial Sales for Sig Sauer was one of those 62. He had developed and implemented the concept of the Field and Stream stores for Dick's.

These 62 former employees put skin in the game and stood for the Constitution when the head of the company they worked for decided it was politically expedient to trash it. They are to be applauded. If I owned a company in the firearms industry I'd be looking for these 62 as they would be the kind of employees I'd want.


  1. A couple of those numbers have an extra "0" that snuck in -- wiki says the company has 30,300 employees, so I suspect the numbers in the quote were actually 40,000 employees and 25 to 26 hundred in headquarters.

  2. I wonder if 62 is all that resigned or just all they know about. It seems that a company that big might have some local vs. corporate layers or different classifications of employees.

    62 is a small number out of that many employees.

    Not to belittle what they did.

  3. The 2nd addresses the rights of the people to possess firearms for the purpose of a lawful militia. It says nothing about the rights of a retailer to sell or not sell products.

    1. It goes beyond "the purpose of a lawful militia" and I'm sure you know that. What Dick's has also done is engage in age discrimination. Denying 18 through 20 year olds their legal right to purchase a long arm - shotgun or rifle of whatever type - is age discrimination and is against the law in many jurisdictions.