Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alan Gura on Strategic Civil Rights Litigation

This is a speech that Alan Gura gave at the Grass Roots North Carolina Gala for Gun Rights. The event was held in Charlotte, NC on Friday, May 14th. It was held concurrently with the NRA Annual Meeting.

I was in attendance at this dinner. I learned more about the entire process of carefully selecting litigants and cases in those 15 minutes than I had ever before.

To put this into perspective, I took two semesters of Constitutional Law as an undergraduate from a professor who lived and breathed the constitution. I also spent 3 1/2 years in a PhD program in Political Science at UNC-Chapel Hill before leaving with a wife but no degree. It is one thing to learn about the courts and the Constitution in a classroom. It is an entirely different thing to hear the inside story of the process from a lawyer who has argued - and won - two major precedent setting cases before the Supreme Court.

If you want to learn how pro-gun civil rights litigation should be done, take a few minutes and listen to this YouTube video.

H/T Gene Hoffman

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  1. Alan was a guest of honor at Gun Blogger Rendezvous IV in 2009. He gave us about an hour of his time on this very subject. Best hour I've spent in a lecture setting - EVER.