Saturday, October 16, 2010

And I Almost Went to a Gun Show Today!

Courtesy of Everyday, No Days Off we have a description of the personalities that you will run into at a gun show. He also has a description of many of the vendors.

I almost laughed myself hoarse after reading these. And the sad part is that they are all just a bit too accurate.

My favorite personality was No. 15:
The “south will rise again” guy, normally between 350-450 pounds, wearing a confederate hat and sweat-stained grey Walmart sweatpants. He talks about old Bobby Lee like an old friend he hasn’t seen in awhile and how he is looking forward to the next American civil war where he is going to single handily kick the crap out of every government agency himself. Check
And my favorite vendor was No. 5:
Ammo purgatory. He has a huge display with every type of ammo anyone could want – set up with absolutely no order to any of it.
If we didn't have out-of-town visitors coming tomorrow, I would have printed this out and taken it with me to the Land O'Sky Gun Show at the Ag Center to compare it against the people I saw there. There is always a next time.

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