Monday, October 4, 2010

The Horror!

I'm stuck in a cafeteria where they have CNN's Headline News blaring. For the last two hours, the news anchors have been "reporting" on the move in some states to allow firearms in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol. They are shocked (shocked!) that anyone would consider this. From their report, you are left thinking that liquored-up, testoterone laden guys will be shooting it out in bars like in the old Wild West movie.

Of course, most of the time they have failed to give the listeners the whole story. That is, while you may be allowed in the bar or restaurant with a handgun, you still are forbidden from drinking in most of these states.

They are asking for listeners to call in and give their thoughts on this. I wonder if any voice of reason can get past the call screener.

I presume that this story in the New York Times is what prompted HLN to go sensational with this.

Since I work during the day, I had forgotten what a vast wasteland daytime TV has become.

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  1. The bigger issue is the $5 happy hour beer price at the first bar...